Gouenji Shuya
Flame tornado
Gouenji Shuya






Fire Tornado


Team Raimon, Team Teikoku, Gouenji Yuka

Shūya Gōenji (豪炎寺 修也?) (Axel Blaze) (Forward) - He is the ace striker and voice of reason of the team. His sister, Yuka is in a coma because of Kageyama's interference to stop him from play against Teikoku Academy. He keeps an amulet made by his sister, and makes a promise with her to stop playing soccer, but when he sees that his passion for the game is strong, he changes that promise to become the champion of the Soccer Frontier. Later, Yuka wakes up from a coma, and he began to play soccer more freely with his teammates. Goenji joins up with the others to play against teams around the world. He becomes close friends with Endou, Fubuki,and Kido as the story progresses. His known techniques are the Fire Tornado (which evolves into the Fire Tornado Remastered), Bakunetsu Storm, and then Bakunetsu Screw. He also form a combo technique with Kabeyama called the Inazuma Drop, one with Endou called the Inazuma One and a combination of the two called the Inazuma One Drop. And he can also form a combo technique with Toramaru called Tiger Storm. He also forms one of the foundations of the combo techniques in the team.


  • Fire Tornado (ファイアトルネード) A player kicks the ball after mid-air rotations
  • Exploding Strom (爆裂ストーム, Bakurestsu Strom)
  • Exploding Screw (爆熱スクリュー, Bakurestsu Screw )
  • Dragon Tornado (ドラゴントルネード) [Combined with Someoka]
  • Weathercock of Flame (炎の風見鶏) [Combined with Kazemaru]
  • Twin Boost Fire (ツインブーストF) [Combined with Kido]
  • Inazuma Break (イナズマブレイクV2) Three players kick the ball in mid-air [Combined with Endou & Kido]
  • Inazuma No.1 (イナズマ1号) A player kicks the ball and two others kick it at the same time to destination [Combined with Endoui]
  • The Earth (ジ・アース) [Combined with Endou & Fubuki]
  • Tiger Strom (タイガーストーム) [Combined with Toramaru]