Asuka Domon (土門 飛鳥?) (Bobby Shearer) (Defender) - He used to live in America with Aki, but he did not care for soccer because of an accident involving one of his best friends. He used to be in Teikoku until he came to Raimon to spy, and saw everyone working hard. He then decided to join the Raimon Soccer Club. With Endo, he feels that he can keep up with him, unlike his friend, Ichinose, and the others at Teikoku. He quits being a spy when Fuyukai, the coach and another spy from Teikoku, planned to blow up the bus they were using. Later, he and Ichinose joins the American Team in the FFI arc but maintains close relationship with the team members of the Raimon Eleven. He has a defensive technique known as Killer Slide and his combination hissatsu techniques are Death Zone 2 and The Pheonix.


Killer Swipe: He slides toward the ball and repeatedly kicks his legs forward